Stephen Sondheim, Darren Criss & Jeremy Jordan | Six By Sondheim

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Top ten Teen Wolf Characters, as voted by my followers.
#10: Coach Finstock.

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strangers, best friends, boyfriends, lovers, fiancés 

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Darren’s clothes → suits

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today i saw this cute cop and my first thought was “damn i would tap that ass so bad” and then he laughed and came closer to me and i thought i did something bad and i couldn’t think what was it and when he started talking i took off my headphones and he said “that was quite a compliment young lady” and in that moment i realizED I SAY THAT OUT LOUD AND FUCK MY LIFE AND WHY MUST I HAVE A MOUTH WITH NO FILTER

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#tbt My first acting gig: The 4th grade opera 😂

#tbt My first acting gig: The 4th grade opera 😂

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hrhchriscolfer: Happy Thursday!!!

hrhchriscolfer: Happy Thursday!!!

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OITNB season 1

"She is what she is…I’m going to go ahead and guess that one of the issues here is your need to say that
a person is exactly anything…"

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happy 34th birthday to harry james potter! (and jk rowling)

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